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    CAVE Systems Canada


    picCAVE Systems Canada provides agile logistical solutions for today’s rapidly changing military demands and operational needs.  CAVE personnel bring over 80 years of experience in commercial storage, racking and material handling systems to the military logistics community. To have a complete information package sent to you please contact Nigel Lever.

    Regardless of which system you choose (the fixed SpaceFrame, a Removable unit, or Cage unit), rest assured you will receive the finest logistics system in the market today.

    The CAVE Systems’ Product Line is designed to be lighter, hold more volume and cost less than the competition.

    CAVE Systems Common Features

    Among the attributes that make our products stand out are:

    • All of our StackaBoxes and Drawer Units are mounted on our patented UHMV oil impregnated 100% extension slide system. This system has no rotating parts and is virtually maintenance free.
    • All StackaBoxes and Drawer Units have two lockable latches and lock-in pins that can also be outfitted with security locks.
    • Our Glide-out Shelves and Moving Floors are engineered with a unique roller bearing wheeled system designed to handle heavier loads with ease.
    • All CAVE System Removable Units (RU) mount to our patented, foolproof lockdown system to an adaptor plate welded to the floor of the container.
    • All CAVE Systems products are designed with at least a 3x safety factor, 5G horizontal load and 3.5G vertical load capacity.
    • Removable CAVE System products mount onto our patented flat bottomed, Low Profile Demountable Bases (LPDBs) with forklift sleeves—expediting movement on roller beds, PLS handling systems and other methods of shipment.
    • CAVE Systems products come with ‘closure gates’ which cannot be closed unless everything within (StackaBox, Glide-Out Shelf, and/or Moving Floor) is properly stowed. The closure gates lock in at the top and bottom of the unit, providing two more places to lock for additional security. *The only exception is the Cage unit.
    • With a simple procedure of changing four standard bolts, you can change the configuration of StackaBoxes and Drawer units within most of the products at any time. *The lone exception is the Cage unit, because the system is made for each unique size of StackaBox.
    • CAVE Systems partner with industry leaders who demonstrate the highest product quality in every aspect of our design—from steel producers and container manufacturers, to cargo nets, to StackaBox and Drawer Unit handles and gas struts, to moisture containment methods and asset ID technologies.
    • Watch our videos of these products