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    CAVE Systems Removable Units

    Removable Units (RU) can be uploaded into a container by a forklift and securely locked to the floor via an adaptor base plate. This allows Removable Units to be utilized in workshops, stores, maintenance shops or a warehouse on a daily basis, replenished or re-set, and then moved to a container, securely locked down and be ready for deployment. 

    In less than 20 seconds, the RU is placed inside the container and is safely secured.  RUs are fitted with full-height “Lockable Gates” used for horizontal insert retention during deployment and also improves theft and pilferage protection while in transport mode and at POU. 

    Removable Units can be fitted with the following inserts:

    • StackaBoxes
    • Drawers
    • Bulk Trays
    • Bulk Shelves
    • Cage Units
    • Standard Single-Entry and 100% Glide-Outs
    • Fixed Shelves, or a combination of inserts in the same RU

    An RU Bulk Box is also available.

    Removable Units are available for the following Containers:

    • Full-Width RU Quadcon (Two RUs /Container)
    • Half Width RU Tricon (Four RUs/Container)
    • Full Width RU for Tricon (Two RUs/Container)

    NOTE: two half-width RUs and one full-width RU will also fit inside a Tricon for deployment.

    For additional information on these products please contact Nigel Lever

    CAVE Systems Removable Units

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