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    CAVE Systems SpaceFrame

    CAVE System’s SpaceFrame can be mounted inside:

    • Quadcons, Tricons, Bicons
    • ISO 20 ft. with side opening doors,
    • Mil-vans and ISU 90s. 

    The SpaceFrame is available in two configurations:

    • Bolted/Removable and Welded. 
    All SpaceFrames are equipped with full-height “Lockable Gates”. 
    These restrain inserts horizontally during deployment and
    also help reduce theft and pilferage while in transit
    or at point of use. 

    SpaceFrames are suitable for mounting the following inserts:

    • StackaBox
    • Drawers
    • Bulk Trays
    • Single Entry
    • Glide-Outs both Standard 70% and 100% extension
    • Double Entry Glide-Out Shelves and Moving Floors.

    Both sides of the container can be fitted with a combination of inserts enabling small, medium and
    large items to be stored in the same side of the container.  The SpaceFrame allows inserts
    to be installed on 1 5/8” (41mm) vertical centers.  The use of the SpaceFrame allows
    inserts to be easily re-configured and converted after each mission. 

    SpaceFrames are available for the following containers:

    • Quadcon
    • Tricon
    • Bicon)
    • 20 Ft. ISO Fully Open Sides
    • 20 Ft ISO 4 Sets of Doors for Quadcon inserts
    • 20 Ft ISO 3 Sets of Doors for Tricon inserts
    • ISU 90

    For additional information on these products please contact Nigel Lever

    CAVE Systems SpaceFrame

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