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    Custom Cases

    We can create literally any kind of custom case you need, designed from the ground up to meet your unique specifications. We can also create custom foam inserts for all cases we carry or make.

    Need help getting the right transit case for your needs? Feel free to contact us. We’ll also be ready to point out if we already have a case that will work for your needs.

    Send Us Your Requirements

    Read more about how we can meet your custom case needs:

    Case Study: Junglesport

    Read how our cases helped this business save time and effort, and helped keep their team safe. As an added bonus, our specially designed cases allowed Junglesport to fit everything they needed into their truck.

    Read our JungleSport Case Study

    Our Custom Case Features

    Here is just a sample of some of the features we’ve been asked to use for our customers:

    • Wheels and casters - different load capacities depending on your needs. We can use either high-quality corner castors for smaller cases you can pull behind you, or heavy-duty swiveling casters for cases that are big enough to need a push.
    • Retractable pull handles.
    • Cases with built-in rack rails to keep sensitive rack-mounted equipment stable and accessible.
    • Ramps (single-piece or bifold). Our custom ramp cases take away the problem of getting that heavy piece of equipment into the case.
    • Stacking ability.
    • Lids that can become tables using fold-away legs.
    • Construction to accommodate high security locking systems.

    We’ve done practically every kind of case using any combination of features like these.

    Custom Case Applications

    custom case applications

    Let us know about what you’ll be using your case for - often we’re able to suggest features that make your life easier both on the road and once you arrive and start working.

    Trade Show Cases

    If you’re looking for a complete trade show booth in a case, we can provide a solution. Some of the features that are particularly useful for trade shows and conventions include ramps to make loading and unloading easier, "plug and play" computer workstations on wheels that are ready to go, and cases for multiple super sized LCD monitors.

    Electronic Equipment, IT, and Aerospace

    We can create customized protective cases for your computer equipment, sensitive testing equipment, delicate scientific instruments, surveying equipment, and more. We even had the privilege of building a 30' case for the Canada Space Arm, a job that took over 5,000 rivets!

    We also create cases to fit large collections of rack-mounted gear. These cases come with removable backs for easier patching, shock absorbers, and often heavy-duty casters as well.

    Sporting Equipment Cases

    From cases for pool cues and archery equipment to long guns and portable gyms, we’ve done it all. We recently built cases to house the Canadian Curling Association’s trophies and we routinely build cases to transport jungle gym equipment.

    GOC/GDC Secure Cases

    Only available to Government of Canada departments, these cases meet the RCMP’s exacting secure standards. If you are not with the GOC/GDC but have exceptional security needs, please talk to us - we can custom build cases to your needs.

    View GOC/GDC Secure Cases >


    We have a lot of cases for military equipment, up to and including portable command and control centres. But sometimes, off-the-shelf won’t do, and we’re asked to create a collection of cases for specific needs.

    View our Military Cases >

    Emergency Responders

    Fire fighters, search and rescue teams, and medical personnel often have to adapt to a variety of situations in the field, and need cases that work for their specific needs. Where possible, we recommend off-the-shelf solutions, but we often create cases for rapid deployment field stations as well.

    Our Custom Case Materials

    custom case materials

    We can construct your custom case out of a variety of materials. Here are some of the most commonly requested.

    Custom Laminate Cases

    Most of our customers ask for custom laminate cases made from 0.25" or 0.5" ABS/plywood.

    There are a variety of ABS colours to choose from but generally black, blue, silver and aluminum texture are the favorites of our clients. We use industry standard hardware and have the ability to use either standard styles of foam or incorporate our CNC foam into the case. Sometimes, we use a combination of the two, depending on the specific requirements of our clients.

    Custom Aluminum Cases

    Typically, we build aluminum cases by one of two methods: aluminum laminate or welded aluminum.

    Aluminum Laminate

    With aluminum laminate, we use our regular case-making hardware and produce the aluminum panels as individually cut pieces. There is no welding involved in this method, and the panels are riveted into the aluminum extrusion in the same way as when we build a ABS/plywood case.

    We use this method on cases that are smaller in size and do not carry a heavy payload.

    Welded Aluminum

    With welded aluminum, all of the seams are continuously welded to seal the case against the elements. Cases may have a tongue and groove (neoprene gasket) closure system for the lid, or can be made to overhang the case bottom and seal with a neoprene gasket. We can build cases in a variety of grades and thicknesses of aluminum and provide a wide array of fasteners and other features.

    These cases can be customized on the interior with a variety of options including divider walls, aluminum ramps (one piece and bi-fold), casters, storage compartments, and more.

    One-Way Wooden Shipping Crates

    Let’s face it, there are times when you do not require a custom reusable shipping case. You simply need to get your equipment to its permanent destination, and it will never be shipped again.

    Using industry standard crating materials, we can design shipping crates with many of the features of our custom cases such as entry ramps, hinged lids/sides, skid options, interior compartments and selective foam protection.

    Over 25 Years of Custom Case Solutions

    Since 1985, we have been manufacturing custom laminate cases to meet the demands of customers shipping all types of precious cargo, from delicate electronics to heavy tools. Whether across town or around the world, our custom cases are designed for you.

    As with most case companies, we got our start by making "road" cases for musicians. But over the years we have had the opportunity over the years to put just about anything and everything you can think of into a case.

    Send Us Your Requirements