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    Keep Your Cool with Pelican this Summer

    Keep Your Cool with Pelican this Summer

    Just in time for those summer camping trips Pelican has introduced some new options for its famous coolers with some brand new drink tumblers to match. There are some great new sizes and colours, all with the same best-in-class insulation quality and ruggedness.

    New Sizes and Colours for Elite Coolers

    Pelican 30 qt Elite cooler

    The new cooler models come in 30 quart, 50 quart, and 70 quart capacities, adding to existing size options ranging from 20 quart up to 250 quarts.

    All of the new coolers have incredible ice retention (up to 10 days). This is due in part to the freezer-grade seals, which allow you to pre-freeze your cooler for optimal ice retention, and also thanks to the 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation inside the cooler walls. They also have built-in spouts to drain excess water.

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    A built-in bottle opener ensures you’ll stay well hydrated throughout your trip, and the cup holder in the lid will help prevent spills. If you’re putting freshly caught fish on the lid, fish-scale texturing helps prevent them from sliding off.

    Elite coolers also have molded-in handles (which are more durable than regular hinged handles). Latches are easy to open with gloved hands, and hasps allow for locking if you need extra security for your cargo. These coolers are now certified as bear resistant to help protect you, your catch, and the bears themselves. As always, these coolers carry Pelican’s famous lifetime guarantee of excellence.

    Want proof? Here's the ultimate torture test video:

    The new coolers come in several colour options:

    • White with grey interior
    • Desert tan with orange interior
    • Olive drab with tan interior
    • Brown with tan interior

    The tie-downs and stacking ribs come in handy when travelling.

    The Last Travel Mug You’ll Ever Need

    pelican travel mugs

    Tired of buying travel mugs that just end up in the back of the kitchen cabinet? Give one of these ultimate tumblers a try and get better insulation than you’ve ever seen before.

    Made of 18/8 stainless steel (BPA-free), Pelican’s new tumblers will keep your morning coffee hot and your cold drinks cold for much longer than any other mug. The design features not just a vacuum-sealed double wall but a copper-plated inner lining for extra temperature retention. A spill-resistant design will help ensure your drink ends up where it belongs and not all over your lap.

    They fit almost all cup holders but still give you two size choices: 22 oz or 32 oz and three colour choices: black, olive drab and silver.

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