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    Pelican Coolers and Drinkware

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    Pelican 18oz Bottle

    Starting At 39.99 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 18oz | 9.63"H

    Pelican 32oz Bottle

    Starting At 49.99 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 32oz | 11.00"H

    Pelican 64oz Bottle

    Starting At 79.99 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 64oz | 13.17"H

    Pelican SD22 22oz Travel Tumbler

    Starting At 29.95 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 22oz | 8.25"H

    Pelican SD22 22oz Travel Tumbler - Seafoam

    29.95 CAD 35.95 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 22oz | 8.25"H

    Pelican SD32 32oz Travel Tumbler

    Starting At 39.95 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 32oz | 10.50"H

    Pelican SD32 32oz Travel Tumbler - Seafoam

    39.95 CAD 47.95 CAD

    Style: Drinkware
    Interior: 32oz | 10.50"H

    24 Can Soft Cooler

    349.99 CAD 439.99 CAD

    Style: Soft-Sided Cooler
    Interior: 15.00"L x 8.50"W x 8.00"D

    Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 224.99 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 12.00"L x 6.70"W x 14.10"D

    Pelican 30QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 281.41 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 14.60"L x 10.20"W x 11.00"D

    Pelican 45QT Wheeled Cooler

    Starting At 383.35 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 19.00"L x 12.00"W x 12.00"D

    Pelican 55QT Wheeled Cooler

    499.99 CAD 549.99 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 20.00"L x 12.00"W x 14.25"D

    Pelican 50QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 358.19 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 17.50"L x 11.00"W x 13.70"D

    Pelican 70QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 409.36 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 23.50"L x 11.00"W x 14.30"D

    Pelican 80QT Wheeled Cooler

    Starting At 640.35 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 29.00"L x 13.00"W x 13.00"D

    Pelican 95QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 490.24 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 27.34"L x 12.00"W x 17.62"D

    Pelican 150QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 584.53 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 34.00"L x 17.00"W x 15.75"D

    Pelican 250QT Elite Cooler

    Starting At 782.06 CAD

    Style: Cooler
    Interior: 50.25"L x 17.00"W x 17.50"D