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    Pelican Vault Cases

    Pelican Vault cases offer ultimate trust at a more affordable price than the traditional Pelican Protector series.  Built for hard use, high impact and supreme weather resistance, new Vault series gun cases are the most rugged and secure in their class. Equipped with a host of premium protective features at a price more hunters and shooters can afford, as only the 42-year veteran of hard knocks could deliver.

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    Pelican Vault V100 Small Pistol Case

    49.99 CAD 69.99 CAD

    Style: Small Pistol Carry Case
    Interior: 11.00"L x 8.00"W x 4.50"D

    Pelican Vault V200 Medium Pistol Case

    74.00 CAD 89.99 CAD

    Style: Medium Pistol Carry Case
    Interior: 14.00"L x 10.00"W x 5.50"D

    Pelican Vault V250 Ammo Case

    74.99 CAD 89.99 CAD

    Style: Ammo Case
    Interior: 12.70"L x 6.30"W x 10.00"D

    Pelican Vault V300 Large Pistol Case

    99.99 CAD 124.99 CAD

    Style: Large Pistol Case
    Interior: 16.00"L x 11.00"W x 6.50"D

    Pelican Vault V550 Equipment Case

    149.99 CAD 169.99 CAD

    Style: Equipment Case
    Interior: 19.00"L x 14.00"W x 8.50"D

    Pelican Vault V600 Large Equipment Case

    179.99 CAD 199.99 CAD

    Style: Large Equipment Case
    Interior: 21.00"L x 17.00"W x 9.50"D

    Pelican Vault V700 Takedown Case

    199.99 CAD 214.99 CAD

    Style: Takedown Case
    Interior: 36.50"L x 14.50"W x 6.00"D

    Pelican Vault V730 Tactical Rifle Case

    249.99 CAD 289.99 CAD

    Style: Tactical Rifle Case
    Interior: 44.00"L x 16.00"W x 6.25"D

    Pelican Vault V770 Single Rifle Case

    199.99 CAD 239.99 CAD

    Style: Tactical Rifle Case
    Interior: 50.00"L x 10.00"W x 6.00"D

    Pelican Vault V800 Double Rifle Case

    249.99 CAD 289.99 CAD

    Style: Tactical Rifle Case
    Interior: 53.00"L x 16.00"W x 6.00"D

    Pelican Vault Cases

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